photo: Coldnoon

Parabolic Life” Eunoia Review

The Heart Points” Mothers Always Write

Poets on the Fringe 2019 Anthology (print only — available upon request)

“My Kid Raised Me”
“The Crinkle in the Quiet”
“Short hair, short skirt, short fuse”
“Breast Test”

Push Me!” Mothers Always Write

On Leaving My Child …” Mothers Always Write 

Jabberwocky’s Mom” Mothers Always Write

Full Mind Fallen” Mothers Always Write

This Kind of Ghost” Eunoia Review 

Artists Visit New Swanstone Castle” Coldnoon

A Vulture’s Bone” Coldnoon

Bought and Returned: A Modern Flip-Flop’s Journey” Coldnoon

Two and a Half Million Years: Wind Bends the Seagrass” Coldnoon

A Wild Mane of Hair: Three Poems from Chile” Coldnoon